PCBDA is bringing Pakistan to the map of global business districts

Lahore's First
Central Business District

Lahore Central Business District Development Authority (LCBDDA) also known as Central Business Punjab (CBD Punjab) is an authorization of the Government of Punjab which aims to establish and promote environment-friendly, urban regeneration projects in the vertical principle.

CBD Punjab is proudly working to provide unique opportunities for businesses to grow and cities to expand under international standards.

Development has been categorized into different districts namely Commercial District, Residential District, and Digital District. Each district has its unique characteristics and dynamics, connected through urban green infrastructure developed by renowned international architects.

Our Urban population of 37% contributes over 60% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). Keeping this statistic in mind, the activities of CBD Punjab will facilitate different sectors of the community whether they be the youth or businesses, to make use of the new opportunities that we provide and contribute more to the overall economic wealth of Pakistan.

CBD Punjab through its “smart and sustainable city mission" will identify initiatives that can be taken up for the benefit of the community at large; creating better systems and a conducive environment for economic growth and attracting more capital into Pakistan.

Message From the CEO
Imran Amin

Every project of CBD not only reflects our commitment to the vision of a smart society but an icon of change in the field. Apart from creating job and business opportunities in the region, CBDs' projects are focused on bringing foreign investment to the country. The financial impacts of our projects will support the influx of taxes for the Government, whereas, the generation of revenues for business communities is another plus. The financial activities will support our economy in the long run. Similarly, with huge investment in the shape of tenders involved, will witness a major takeoff in a short period. The project will also transform our cities into international standard modern metropolitans. This vivid growth also provides the push for the creation of more smart, cities which will also influence information and communications technology (ICT) to significantly improve the productivity, lifestyle, and prosperity of society. Additionally, the favorable bylaws by the Government and green growth strategies can build environmentally sustainable metropolises. I urge my team to put every effort into the success of this project sincerely and hope that it will benefit the brighter future of all the stakeholders.

First LEED-certified project in Pakistan focusing on Petey tia

Mega high-rise development with favorable bylaws

24 Hours power backup

Underground Tubes System